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Ultra-micro spectrophotometer Model:Aurora-900 Art.No.:HP010800

• The Aurora-900 requires no computer to be equipped with a full-wavelength (190-850nm) microspectrophotometer.

• The flashing times of the light source are short (up to three times for each measurement), and compared with hundreds of times for traditional detection, the service life of the light source is increased.

• Prolong the life of light source, light intensity stimulation is small, to be tested can be faster detection, not easy to make the protein deterioration.

• Using unique motor control technology, using three optical path detection method, stability, repeatability, more stable linear and detection range is larger.

• The sample does not need to be diluted, and the concentration range of the sample can be measured is more than 150 times that of the conventional UV-Vis photometer.

• With OD600 light path detection system, color plate mode, convenient detection of bacteria, microorganisms and other medium concentration.

• In-depth customized Android operating system, 7 inch capacitive touch screen, without computer online, stand-alone can be detected.

• With the easy-to-use data printer option, you can print reports directly from the built-in printer.

• Image and table storage format, table compatible with Excel, convenient follow-up data processing, support JPG image export.

• The appearance of a metal shell, more metal sense.

• The appearance size adopts the mini size, saves the laboratory space.

Product Details

  • Wavelength coverage
  • Loading quantity of sample
  • Light source

    Xenon lamp

  • Detector

    Hamamatsu Ultraviolet Enhanced CMOS Linear Sensor

  • Absorbancy


  • Absorbance Accuracy

    ±1%(7.332Abs at 260nm)

  • Absorbance range

    0.04 - 300A (=10mm)

  • NAT
  • Testing time
  • OD600 Absorbance range
    0~4.000 Abs
  • OD600 Absorbance stability
    [0,3)≤0.5%; [3,4)≤2%
  • OD600 Absorbancy
    [0,3)≤0.5%; [3,4)≤2%
  • OD600 Absorbance accuracy
  • Data output
  • Material of sample base
    Quartz fiber and high hardness aluminum
  • Print
    Built-in Thermal Printer
  • Power adapter
    24V DC
  • Power dissipation
  • Boundary dimension
  • Weight

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